Hey, Casam is a great website jam packed with FANTABULOUS quizzes, an AMAZING advice column,  TRUE embarrassing moment stories sent in by our viewers, ADDICTING games,you entertained, and FUNNY videos to keep you entertained!!! Be sure to send some in, just e-mail your story at ccasam12@aol.com!!:)Also remember to please not post any personal information such as you name, address, phone number, etc.

Embarrassing moments

This part of our website contains many embarrassing moments sent in from people everywhere. Do you think you have an embarrassing story that tops it all? If so, send it in and we'll post for everybody to see and they will rate how embarrassing your story really is. At the end of every month a winner will be posted for the most embarrassing moment. Be sure to enter!:)

Advice Column

This part of our website has letters sent in from troubled viewers like yourself looking for some advice. Our helping staff at Casam will get you through your problems with helpful advice. Are friends bothering you? Are your parents stressing you out? Are your siblings getting up on your case, if so then this is the place for you. No problem is too big for Casam to handle, don't be afraid to speak your mind, and spill your issues :)


This part of our website  is packed with tons of fun quizzes to find whats right for you. Like what movie star is your dream date, what type of girl you are, what do your clothes say about you, and much more!!!! The quizzes will measure your true soul.  There's always fun to be found on CASAM:)