Embarrassing Moments


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*- not embarrassing, suck it up!

**-so, so you could handle that!

***-you're getting there...

****- uhh chyeah, you're there!

*****-you're far beyond embarrassed honey!

Swimsuit Malfunction


I was so excited when i got invited to my crush's 14th birthday party. It was a pool party and all the girls were wearing bikini's and I decided to wear a bikini also, the worst decision ever. I walked into the party and saw my crush lounging on top of the lounge chair. I wanted to show off for him by doing a dive into the pool. I took off the clothes on top of my bikini and walked ontop of the diving board. I felt my bathing suit loosen but thought I could fix it when I was in the water. I ran an half way through the air my bikini top fell off into the pool, I was so humiliated!!! Not only did my crush see this but so did everyone else. 

By-Loosey Goosey

The Gym Story


I was in the gym locker room on the first day of school. I changed and my teacher said "everyone ready to do some crunches? Get with a partner." Me and my friend got together and she held my feet first. My two other friends were also doing crunches right next to me. My classmates, the 7th and 9th grade girls were right near me and the 7th and 9th grade boys were right across from me. All of a sudden I did my first crunch and as soon as my body went upwards I let out a huge FART. My gym teacher was passing by right as it happened and gave my friends and I a wierd look. I was so humiliated that I went to the nurse to get picked up because I said I didn't feel well!!!!!!

By-Smelly In My Pants